The Rainbow Connection

On September 24 (Corrected from 21), 1936, in Greenville, Mississippi, a genius was born. True, it took the world a few years to recognize and acknowledge that genius, but by the 1970s when James Maury Henson joined "Sesame Street," he was already well on his way.

It was "Sesame Street" and a certain green frog that made Jim Henson a star and a household name. Henson continued with the show until his untimely death on May 16, 1990. During those years, he also created films like The Muppet Movie and The Great Muppet Caper and was involved in creating the puppets for Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, as well as the television show "Fraggle Rock." All of these titles were staples of my daughters' childhood. They watched them - and I watched with them - over and over again. We never tired of them.

Henson's creations live on and continue to entertain and inform children - and adults - right around the world. How fortunate we are that that is true.

On what would have been his 78th birthday, I want to send my thanks to his memory for all those hours of pleasure and for teaching me and my children to believe in rainbows.


  1. This made my day, and it reminds me: When Dad gets around to digitally recording the record collection, The Muppet Movie MUST be first in line, followed by the Peter, Paul & Mary greatest hits album; after that, I have no preference. :-)


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