And the Oscar for Best Picture goes to...

Sunday night brings the presentation of this year's Academy Awards. The greatest suspense over the Oscars this year is which movie will win the Best Picture award. So far, "Argo" has won just about every award in sight and so has its director, Ben Affleck. But the history of the Oscars is that movies rarely win the top award if the director has not been nominated for the Best Director award, and Affleck, unaccountably, was not nominated. So will the picture break tradition and take home the prize, or will "Lincoln," "Zero Dark Thirty," (whose director also was not nominated), or any one of the other fine films in the running pull an upset win? At this point, I think any other film winning would qualify as an upset.

Whichever film wins, it will be the 85th movie to do so. How many of the other 84 can you name? Well, here's your chance to try.

Nelson Carvajal has put together a video with a scene from each of those movies, along with, at the end, a scene from each of this year's nominees. Here's your chance to play Best Movie trivia. Hint: There's a list of all the movies at the end. (Click on the full screen mode icon at the bottom right of the scene for better viewing.)


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