What'll they cheer this time?

There's another of the endless Republican "presidential" debates tonight and I can hardly wait to see what the slavering audience will cheer this time.

So far the Republican debate audiences have gone wild to show their support for:

  • The death penalty to be applied without restraint.
  • Letting uninsured people die of treatable diseases.
  • An electrified border fence to kill people who try to cross it.

Furthermore, they have booed:

  • Gay soldiers who choose to serve their country, even those who are in war zones.
  • Letting children (who may themselves be citizens) of undocumented workers pay in-state tuition at Texas universities.

Given that history, it's really not all that hard to predict what the crowd might get hot and excited about this time. I would guess that if Newt Gingrich mentions his plan to do away with child labor laws and put six-year-olds to work as janitors, the Republican crowd would love it. And if he goes even further and mentions his long-ago scheme of having the state take custody of the children of welfare recipients and put them in orphanages to be raised, the crowd will probably work itself into a frenzy and nominate him for president on the spot!

As I say, I can hardly wait.


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