Meet the kitties

Regular readers of this blog may remember that back in August I told you about the death of my beloved cat, Nicholas.  It was a devastating loss for me and I wasn't at all sure that I ever wanted another cat in my life.  But, of course, my children, who have lived with cats their entire lives, had no such doubts and soon started lobbying me to add another cat to the household.  My younger daughter even had the potential candidates all lined up for me.

While visiting friends earlier this year YD had discovered two kittens in their neighborhood.  The kittens had apparently been abandoned.  She and her friends asked the neighbors but no one claimed the little kittens and so YD's friend and her husband took the babies in and took care of them.  They raised them for the past several months, but they are dog people, plus they are getting ready to make a long-distance move so it wasn't feasible for them to keep the kittens.

When we returned from our Colorado vacation last week, I gave the okay for them to bring the kittens over so we could give them a trial.  They arrived just a week ago today.  It seems like they have been here forever.  They have completely taken over the house and completely captivated my husband and me.  Meet our new overlords.

Beau, the boy kitten, is long and lean, has the body of a Siamese.  He's extremely rambunctious and curious and into everything.  This is a rare quiet moment.

His sister, Bella, as you can see is a tortoiseshell.  She has a somewhat chunkier body-shape.  She is very sweet and loving and has the purr of a cat of about twice her size.

Beau looks down on his sister from the top of the cat tower.

The guest room bed is one of Bella's favorite spots for a nap.

Beau "investigates" the cat toy basket.

A house without a cat is not really a home, at least for those of us who love cats.  As Jean Cocteau wrote, "I love cats because I enjoy my home, and, little by little, they become its visible soul."  On the other hand, sometimes it happens very quickly. 


  1. Awwww. They are so lucky they found you! I know they will enrich your life as the kittens we took in last year have enriched ours.

  2. Wonderful! A big welcome to Beau and Bella to their forever home!

  3. Thanks, Snap. I'll pass along your sentiment. I know you understand that a house has to have a cat in it to really be a home.

  4. Very pretty kitties! Congratulations on the new members of the family.


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