Poor Rick Perry

Poor Rick Perry.  And I never in a million years thought I would type those words!  But, honestly, as a human being, I can completely empathize with his "Oops!" moment last night.  In the middle of telling a story or making a point and suddenly your brain freezes up and you can't remember what that point was?  Yes, been there, done that.  But I'm not running for president.  I want anyone that I vote for for president to be smarter than I am and certainly better able to speak in public than I am. And that person is not Mr. Perry.

Long ago, the sainted Molly Ivins dubbed Perry "Governor Goodhair," the implication being that that's all he was - all hair and no ideas.  Nothing under the hair.  It's something that a lot of Texans have known throughout Perry's charmed life in public office.  Now the rest of the country and the rest of the world is learning that, too.

Rick Perry will never be president.  But will he now concede that point and get out of the race and stop embarrassing himself, his family, and Texas?  "Shoot, no!" he says.  So, as the interminable Republican debates continue, we can all look forward to more cringe-worthy moments like this:


It's going to be a long, long presidential campaign.


  1. It was difficult to watch even though I have never been a supporter of Governor Goodhair (Boy I sure miss Molly! I can only imagine her editorial take on this little episode!). I felt pity like I would for the kid with no talent singing off key in a talent show. I was embarrassed he represented Texas and more embarrassed that the people of Texas had elected him to the position of Governor more than once!!! What is most shocking is there are those that continue to believe this egomaniac should be the next president! But now I guess we know why he wouldn't participate in the debates for Governor.

  2. Yes, I think Bill White would have wiped the floor with him, Anonymous, and would also have made a good governor. Unfortunately, the average voter in Texas continues to vote against their own economic and social interest just because they hear certain buzz words from the Republican candidates and they react like Pavlov's dogs.


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