These voters have some strange values

Their big weekend summit in Washington is over and the "values voters" have spoken.  The next president of the United States will be ... Ron Paul!

Which, frankly, brings to mind a quote I read recently from the late and sadly missed Molly Ivins.  About ten years ago Molly said, “Next time I tell you someone from Texas should not be president of the United States, please pay attention.”  If Molly were still here to advise us, I feel absolutely certain that she would not be endorsing either Ron Paul or that other Texan who is in the race.

Nevertheless, the voters with values, as they bill themselves, indicating that other people are without values, really, really liked Mr. Paul and gave him 37% of their votes.  The other Texan got 8%.  Obviously, these voters were not at all convinced about his "values."

The straw poll vote was only one of the headlines coming out of this summit and probably not the most interesting one at that.  It was revealed, for example, that Major League Baseball has saved us from another 9/11 style attack by having "God Bless America" sung during the seventh inning stretch at MLB games!  Who knew that protection was that easy?  We could just disband the army and perhaps add the singing of  "America" for an even stronger defense.

Meanwhile, the candidates who appeared at the summit vied with each other to see who could be the most anti-women.  I think Michele Bachmann won that one.

Then there was the kerfuffle over whether Mormonism is a Christian religion or a cult - meaning, of course, that any religion that isn't Christianity is a "cult."

And various speakers talked about whether good morals make a good economy, again implying that our present stagnant economy is the fault of "immoral" leaders who are not sanctioned by their Christian God. And we all know who is meant by that - that Kenyan-born, socialist, fascist, Muslim in the White House.

And what did these voters not talk about during the weekend?  Jobs and how to create them.  Because creating jobs to help people better their situations and support themselves and their families is not a value that these people...value.


  1. I so miss Molly! I longed for her during our recent legislative session when I so needed her insightful humor!! At least if she had been around the meanest legislative session would of provided some hearty laughs!! I enjoy your blog!

  2. Molly was not only a Texas treasure, she was a national treasure, Anonymous, and you are right that she would have made that legislative session almost bearable.


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