How will Palin separate them from their money now?

Poor Sarah Palin supporters.  For months now she and her political action committee have been teasing these benighted people with the possibility that their darling Sarah would run for president.  They were constantly besieged by mailings from the PAC urging them to send her more money, the implication being that if they could only manage to contribute enough money, Sarah would end their suffering and become a candidate.  And, of course, if she ran, she would be sure to win!  After all, she is "The Undefeated."   (Except, of course, when she was.  Defeated, that is.)

But now, their hopeful bubble has been burst.  Sarah is not running.

Most of us had figured this out a long time ago.  Even most Republicans had figured it out.  Her favorability ratings among them are in the toilet.  The great majority did not want her to run and wouldn't have supported her if she had.  Ah, but the faithful few clung to their hope and continued to send her their money.

With Sarah, it has always been all about the money and how she can separate people from theirs.  Now that she's figured out how political action committees work, I predict that she will be the perennial candidate.  From now on, in every election cycle, as long as people can be fooled into sending her donations, she will pretend that she is considering running.  But she never will, because running is hard work.  And if there is one thing we have learned about Sarah Palin, besides the fact that she loves bilking people of their money under false pretenses, it is that she is allergic to hard work.  She's a quitter.  Always has been, always will be.  


  1. I really cannot fathom why anyone would support this woman. I have tried to understand her appeal but cannot figure it out. Every time I see her on TV I get a sick feeling because we share a gender- much like I did when 20 years ago, when I drove through a town with a KKK rally and was ashamed I shared the race of those hooded idiots!

  2. I share your pain and your lack of understanding, Anonymous. The only thing I can figure is that some people agree with Roger Ailes that she is "hot" and that's all that matters. I think the same thing is at work with Michele Bachmann. They are both physically attractive women, but, to quote another woman in another context, "there's no there there."


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