Wordless Wednesday: Green bean season


  1. Reminds me of my childhood. Green beans were one of her favorite things to grow. Are these bunch beans or have I forgotten how to identify them?

  2. They are a bush bean called 'Contender', Anonymous. This is the first time I've grown this particular variety so I'm interested to see what they'll taste like. I'll find out at lunch today!

  3. I have enjoyed this photo several times. Not sure why I am so drawn to it ! Shared it with a friend who also ioved it!! We always grew a ton of green beans growing up. I remember picking a bushel of them as a child which I sold to a neighbor for 3 whole dollars and feeling so rich!! We canned many jars of them-- okay my mom did but we stringed and snapped them after a morning of picking! It was dry where I grew up and they had to be irrigated and each row had to be hoed-- it was constant work and that garden kept five kids busy all summer! Home canned green beans--now known to my child and nieces and nephews as Granny's green beans are a treat better than any chocolate goodie!! By winter there were jars and jars of veggies stored away! The last crop of the season were left to dry and then they were harvested. The wind helped us thrash them and blew the shells away--pinto beans were left for winter meals!! Can you imagine my shock in college when I saw green beans on sell --4 cans for a $1!! Thanks for the memories!!

  4. You're welcome, Anonymous. I have fond memories of green beans from my childhood also. They do remind me of my mother and they're one of my favorite vegetables to grow.


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