"Scrap Medicare? Not us," say Republicans

The Republican House of Representatives voted for the radical Paul Ryan budget plan which would destroy Medicare as we know it, and then they went home for their spring break where a strange thing happened. They got yelled at by their constituents who were not at all happy with what they had done. This was not what they had voted for when they elected these people.

Now Congress is back in session and the Republicans are safely back in Washington and no longer getting yelled at, but even the fawning inside-the-beltway press and pundits have begun to question the wisdom and even the seriousness of the Ryan plan.

Republicans are just not used to such treatment and they've been trying to regroup and reform their lines. Today, we saw the result of that rethinking and reformation.

Quietly, obviously hoping that no one will notice and that everyone will quickly forget what they tried to do, they are dropping their Medicare reform plan.

At the same time, today, the Republicans voted once again to continue subsidizing Big Oil, the most profitable companies in the world which continue to report record profits each quarter.

They trust that we will forget all this by next year. Their votes are on record though, and let us hope that their Democratic opponents in next year's election will not forget that and will not let the voters forget: This is what you get when you vote for these radicalized Republicans - ripping up the social safety net and pouring more public money into the coffers of Big Oil. (And let's don't even talk about social and public health issues like abortion and the availability of safe contraception for poor people.)

Is this REALLY what American voters want their representatives to do?


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