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Today, the bird I've been looking for all spring finally showed up in my yard. Yes, the Indigo Buntings are here!

I was able to photograph one of the birds, a brilliantly colored male, feeding under my blueberry bush in the backyard. He was not very cooperative. Whenever I tried to get in closer for a better shot, he flew up into the wild hedge along the back fence. I also had to contend with a large flock of White-winged Doves that were feeding in the area and tended to walk in front of the bird just as I was about to snap the picture. Still, I was able to get a few usable pictures.

Whenever I have Indigo Buntings in the yard, I almost never see them actually eating from my feeders. Normally, they are on the ground under the feeders or in the area of the feeders like this bird.

I find, also, that these birds tend to be wary. They are always on the alert for danger and any sudden move will send them flying for cover.

In this back shot, you can see some of the black markings on the wings and tail.

There's that pesky dove, walking in front of my bird just as I got him in focus!

If the birds will just stay around for a few days, maybe I'll get a chance to get some better pictures.

Meantime, I'll just have to be satisfied with what I've got.

Usually, the Indigo Buntings show up in my yard in early April, so you can understand why I was beginning to wonder if they were coming at all this year. They are just about a month late. Other birders in the area have reported other spring migrants being late as well. I'm not sure why that should be the case, but no doubt it has something to do with the weather. Perhaps the drought has limited food availability and has delayed some birds. I'm just glad that these particular little birds have arrived and I hope they'll linger for awhile.

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  1. wonderful, wonderful. i'm just delighted with little visit from the yellow-throat! i wonder about the loss of all the trees on Galveston island ... poor birds! i saw a hummingbird dash through the yard yesterday. yeehaw!

  2. I saw your post about the Yellow-throat, Snap. Wonderful bird. The migration has picked up considerably in my yard this week. In addition to the Indigo Buntings, I've had Orchard Orioles, Yellow-breasted Chats and Magnolia Warblers. Now I'm looking for the "Rain Crow," (Yellow-billed Cuckoo) and hoping he'll bring the rain with him.


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