Throwback Thursday

These days it seems that American women are living in a permanent "Throwback Thursday." The men who are in power in this country seem determined to return us all to the days of women as chattel, with no control over our own bodies or lives. 

What we really need is a heartbeat law for women: If a woman has a heartbeat, she shall be in control of her body and her life decisions!

HT to Jen Sorensen who sums up the danger succinctly.

Elections matter, people!


  1. Yes, indeed. Another blogger reminded me of the Beloit College list for incoming freshmen. To the class of 2023, abortion would always have been legal, as it would be for other generations before ours. We as women even take rights such as the right to vote as something that has always existed. My husband's 107 year old aunt who died last week was born disenfranchised. That's sobering. The Alabama law can be just the beginning. Even New Yorkers, in a liberal state, can't assume anything. The flashbacks of her previous life Offred has in The Handmaid's Tale makes that way too clear.

    1. It is a scary time to be a woman in America. I fear for the future of my daughters and everyone's daughters if we are unable to begin to turn this around with the next election.

  2. Yes, it all matters. Read Sisters In Law, see my other comment, to find out how fragile Roe vs Wade has always been but also to find out what hopes we have.

    1. As long as we have reactionaries in power in two-thirds of the government, all of our constitutional rights (except maybe the second amendment) are fragile.


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