Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day - August 2018

Welcome to my zone 9a garden in Southeast Texas. Here are some of my plants that are blooming this month. If you visited my garden on July Bloom Day, you will have seen many of them before.

 Tropical milkweed.

 Texas sage. Its blooms are triggered by rainfall and since we've had a fairly wet summer, this large shrub has been in bloom for much of the season.

 Butterfly ginger.

 Portulaca, aka moss rose.


 Evergreen wisteria, a late summer to early fall bloomer. 

 Blue plumbago, usually one of my most dependable bloomers, has not done as well this year. I don't think it has liked our weather.

 The muscadine vines have been very happy and are full of grapes.


 This is a pale pink gomphrena called 'Pinball.' It has carried a profuse load of blooms right through the summer.

 Four o'clock.

 Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum,' aka black-eyed Susan.

 The beautyberry shrubs are loaded with berries - both the traditional purple... 

 ...and the white cultivar.

 The large almond verbena shrub is covered in these unpretentious but wonderfully scented blossoms. They perfume the entire side of the garden where they live.

 A few of the daylilies are reblooming.

 Pentas, a butterfly favorite.

 Native sunflowers.

 I have these little marigolds in beds scattered all around the garden.

 The summer phlox is well past its prime but some of the plants are still blooming.

 The pomegranate tree is full of these fruits.

 Justicia orange flame.

 The basil flowers are still nourishing the bees.

 Coral vine. Its heaviest bloom is in the fall.

 Joe Pye weed, a native plant that I love to grow.

 The purple coneflowers have been disappointing this year, perhaps due to the weather. They were glorious last year.

 Anisacanthus (flame acanthus) with bee.

 Duranta erecta, aka golden dewdrop, so called for the yellow berries it develops after the blooms are done.

 Hamelia patens, Mexican flame bush, a hummingbird favorite.

These dinner plate-sized hibiscus blossoms only last for one day, but they are spectacular while they do.

That's it for this Bloom Day. I hope you enjoyed your visit. Don't forget to visit our host, Carol at May Dreams Gardens and see a list of all the other gardens that are participating in this month's meme.

Happy gardening and happy Bloom Day to all.


  1. Heavenly! I enjoyed revisiting the ones from last month as much as the new ones. You are the best gardener I know.

    1. You are much too kind in your estimation of my skills, but thank you!

  2. I enjoyed your garden for all the plants I can’t grow. The Texas sage is beautiful! Do you do anything with the muscadines? Happy Bloom Day to you!

    1. I grow the muscadines mostly for the wildlife that love them. They are not that great for eating off the vine because they have thick skins. They do make a wonderful jelly and some make a passable wine with the fruits, but I'm not planning to do either this year..

  3. Beautiful blooms!
    I have been very tempted to buy the dinner plate size Hibiscus, maybe next year. Your bloom is magnificent!
    Love the Four O'clocks!
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

    1. That hibiscus is only two years old and it got killed back to the roots last winter. It was slow coming back this year, but it has been worth the wait.

  4. We can always rely on your garden to bring joy and beauty to this corner of the internet. :-) I love the plate-sized hibiscus. I usually pass a garden in the city that has those huge blooms in three different colors, just lovely!

    1. This is the season for hibiscus blooms. They do brighten our gardens and our lives.

  5. Your garden is rejoicing in the wet summer! So many beautiful blooms. Happy GBBD!

    1. It has been an unusual summer in that regard. We have had fairly regular rainfall.

  6. Your garden is looking great! I love that sweet little gompherna. Happy GBBD!

    1. Thank you, Rebecca. I didn't show you the weeds! That gomphrena has indeed been a winner.

  7. Dorothy, I don't care if you have shown them before on GBBD. They always look different to me!
    Thanks for sharing.


    1. Well, at least the pictures are new! Thanks for visiting, Jeannie.

  8. Loved the shot of dinner plate sized hibiscus,we have many blooms in common .
    Have a great week ahead.

    1. The hibiscus is certainly my most dramatic bloom at the moment. It is interesting that you and I, halfway around the world from each other, do have so many plants in common.


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