Wordless Wednesday: 'Peggy Martin' rose


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    1. 'Peggy' puts on a marvelous display in the spring.

  2. How lovely! Spring bloom is here. ;-)

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    1. Isn't she lovely? And there is quite a story behind her. She comes from a rose in New Orleans that spent several days under salty, filthy floodwaters after Katrina hit and when the floodwaters receded, she bloomed later that year. She is one tough old broad.

  4. oldroselover@gmail.comJuly 28, 2018 at 12:26 PM

    She's pretty much thornless. She tip roots ANYPLACE you touch a cane to the ground. She doesn't need to be on Fortuniana. She does awesome in IN to Fl. She puts on a good repeat here (TPA Bay). Her first bloom lasts almost as long as Tausendschon does - and puts out about the same amount of repeat, if not slightly more. It took longer for Tausendschon to repeat. Great rose.


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