Poetry Sunday: More Than Enough

Summer is officially with us now, although it arrived unofficially where I live several weeks ago. And with summer comes a wealth of blossoms and berries and seeds: "Season of joy for the bee. The green will never again be so green, so purely and lushly new..."

I think Marge Piercy has caught the spirit of summer, the spirit of plenty, perfectly. 

More Than Enough

by Marge Piercy

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The first lily of June opens its red mouth. 
All over the sand road where we walk 
multiflora rose climbs trees cascading 
white or pink blossoms, simple, intense 
the scene drifting like colored mist. 

The arrowhead is spreading its creamy 
clumps of flower and the blackberries 
are blooming in the thickets. Season of 
joy for the bee. The green will never 
again be so green, so purely and lushly 

new, grass lifting its wheaty seedheads 
into the wind. Rich fresh wine 
of June, we stagger into you smeared 
with pollen, overcome as the turtle 
laying her eggs in roadside sand.


  1. On a low humidity day like today, I can't get enough of summer - like the poet.

    1. Low humidity days in any season are rare here, but we take the days as they come.

  2. Yes we had all that up until a week ago when a heat wave began that has yet to let up. High 90s and triple digits. Our green will never again be so green this year but it was lovely while it lasted.

    1. The green time is fleeting here as well. Now, it's yellow green at best. But it's all a part of the cycle of the seasons.


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