The grosbeaks are here

Each spring and fall, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks and Blue Grosbeaks pass through my yard on their way north or south. I haven't seen any of the blue guys yet, although I am sure they are around, but over the weekend I had some Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at my backyard feeders. Unfortunately, I didn't have a camera at hand when I saw them, but here are some representative pictures from previous years.

The adult male gives the species its name. It is unmistakable with the red breast and the big chalky white beak.

The female looks a bit like a large sparrow but, again, with that very big white beak - the "gros beak."

They most often travel in pairs, so when you see one, generally, its mate is nearby.

They are lovely birds. This pair was likely on its way to somewhere much farther north for the summer, either along the northern tier of the United States or even into Canada. But with any luck, we'll see them or their relatives again in the fall.


  1. That male is a startling looking fellow with his rose breast and the white patches in his wings. I love this time of year when I hear all manner of birdsong not usually heard. It is like we are a motel on the way north!

    1. Motel or bed-and-breakfast. Yes, that describes it very well!

  2. Great pictures. Appreciate you sharing.

  3. The male is very good looking.

    1. True of many species of birds - it's the male who is the "peacock" so to speak.


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