R.I.P., Will

April 23, 2016 marks the 400th anniversary of the death of the greatest playwright in the English language and I can't let the day pass without acknowledging it. Even The New York Times got into the act with an obituary in today's online edition. Trust me, it is worth a read.

All of which started me thinking: If William Shakespeare were alive today, what would he think of social media? Would he be on Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? Could our greatest playwright learn to express himself in 140 characters? Would he accept my "friendship"? Would he, heaven forfend, be a blogger??? 

What would Will think about our tendency to express ourselves in acronyms or shorthand?

Maybe it is just as well that he is long dead and doesn't have to hear the depths to which the language that he so lovingly crafted has fallen. R.I.P., Will.


  1. Since he wrote in the language and according to the theater culture of his time, I think he would be as hip as anyone these days! But I wonder if he would RIP if he could read these retellings being published.

    1. Since he stole from everyone like all good writers do, I don't think he'd have much to complain about with the retellings!

  2. I think he would be a blogger with a gazillion followers. ;-)

    1. I'd certainly follow him. I don't know if I'd ever be able to work up the courage to comment!


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