The Blue Moon cometh

The expression "once in a Blue Moon" refers to an event that is very rare - as rare as having two full moons occur in the same month. That rare event will happen tonight when the second full moon in July will rise over the horizon.

Don't expect to see an actual blue moon tonight. It'll be the same beautiful silvery orb that we see every month. An actual blue moon does sometimes occur when there are certain types of dust particles in the air, but such an occurrence is even rarer than...well, than a Blue Moon.

There are actually two accepted definitions of a Blue Moon. The one most generally used - the one that I use - is the second full moon within a month. The other definition is that a Blue Moon is the third full moon of a season when four full moons occur in that season. In actuality, that third full moon will generally be the second full moon in a particular month so the first definition seems to make the most sense.

If the weather and the clouds cooperate tonight, then take your opportunity to see this astrological phenomenon. The Moon may not actually be blue, but I can guarantee you it will be beautiful.


  1. I would have preferred it blue rather than silver, to change that is. :-)

    1. As for me, I love it just as it is. It should never, ever change.


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