Return of the orioles

The Baltimore Orioles came to town today. Or, that is, they arrived in my backyard today.

I had heard over the weekend that they had been seen along the coast, so yesterday, I filled one of my oriole feeders with their preferred jelly and oranges and hung it along with my other feeders in the backyard. And, right on cue today, there they were!


...and female. Beauties, both of them.

Today's orioles were hungry for the jelly that I had put out and not so much for the oranges. Perhaps the jelly gives them a quicker boost after their long flight from South America.

I don't see Baltimore Orioles in my yard every spring, but when I do, it usually begins the first week in May. These are just a little early, but that seems to be typical of migrant birds these days as many are making their trips earlier because of the warming climate.

My little garden sun is smiling because he has some orange company in the yard once again.


  1. Those are beautiful photos. I guess I didn't know that the name of this bird really included "Baltimore" -- I thought that was just for the baseball team.

    1. Actually, the team took the name of the bird. The bird itself was named for an English nobleman. They are wonderful birds. It's always a pleasure to welcome them back.

  2. What beautiful pics, Dorothy! The birds that I'm always talking about in my backyard have disappeared; I don't know why. I would love to see Baltimore Orioles there too! :-)

    1. Perhaps your birds have moved on to their nesting areas, but no doubt others will show up to take their place. After all, it is migration season. Maybe you'll even get orioles.


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