Politics as unusual

So Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are running for president. At least there will be plenty of material for the late night comedy shows.

They will soon be followed by a whole parade of candidates. The Republicans will probably have at least a dozen hopefuls to choose from before the dust from the stampede settles. The Democrats' choice looks like it will be considerably narrower. As for third party candidates, who knows? We still have about fifteen months to winnow them all down and make our decision.

In the U.K., the political campaign is now winding down. It only lasts a matter of weeks and the election that will decide who becomes Prime Minister is only a month away. Wusses! In this country, we endure almost two full years of jockeying and campaigning for the presidency. Now that requires stamina!

Maybe we should just turn the whole thing over to our cats. Henri, the Depressive Realist, would certainly agree. The only thing is, I'm pretty sure most cats are anarchists.


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