The week that was: Vive la France!

2015 is not off to a sterling start. Events in France this week confirmed for us once again that there are angry, misguided people in the world who feel persecuted by simply living in a society that protects and indeed encourages freedom of speech, even the most offensive speech. 

Goodness knows we have plenty of the thin-skinned in this country, people who take offense at any criticism. Usually, they just shoot off at the mouth (see Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, Curt Schilling), but occasionally the more deluded of them take up arms (see Cliven Bundy, various open carry activists, the Boston Marathon bombers).

The most misguided of all imagine that by physically attacking and killing the purveyors of free speech, they can eradicate the speech which they find offensive. They are always wrong. It only causes such speech to metastasize. 

Vive la France!


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