Ten things I love about my man

Bethany aDandelion Pie has a blog post up about ten things that she loves about her spouse and she invited other bloggers to chime in and link up. 

Well, this seems like the kind of sappy thing that a young person newly in love might do, but what about a...um...slightly older woman who has been with a man for forty years? Can she still find ten things she loves - or even likes - about him? That is my challenge, and,  just for the heck of it, I decided to give it a try.

Here we go - ten things that still turn me on about the hunk that I married.

  1. He makes me laugh. Mostly intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. When you've been living with someone for forty years, this may be be most important quality of all.
  2. He does my laundry. Of course, I still have to put it away - he's not perfect.
  3. He gets stuff down from the top shelf for me. I'm not as vertically challenged as some women in my family, but I'm not exactly tall either. It's nice to have a man in the house who is able to reach those top shelves and does so without complaint.
  4. He gets me wonderful gifts - often things I didn't even know I wanted. I, on the other hand, am an inept gift giver and usually wind up getting him things that he didn't know he wanted - because he didn't!
  5. He washes the dishes. That's one of the household duties that he took over after he retired and it is much appreciated. So appreciated that I got him a new dishwasher for Christmas, one of my more successful gift choices, as it happens.
  6. When I yell at him for clicking his pen or making other annoying, repetitive noises, he stops. Usually.
  7. He likes my cooking or at least pretends to, which is really the same thing, you know.
  8. He does the grocery shopping, another of those onerous household duties that he performs without grousing. Well, without much grousing.
  9. He's learned to love cats. He was not a cat person when I met him, but slowly, over the years, the steady stream of cats that have been part of our household have won him over, until, now, he is the favorite human and the preferred lap of our cat, Bella, who adores him.
  10. He's given me the two most wonderful daughters in the world and he had more to do than me, I think, with making them the outstanding human beings that they are. Really, they are both "Daddy's Girls."
Well, actually, that wasn't too hard. In fact, I'll give you one more as a bonus: He puts up with me and he makes me a better person just by being him.

Maybe it wasn't such a sappy thing to do after all. 


  1. This is an extremely sweet post!

    1. Well, he's an extremely sweet man - with just a touch of salt for seasoning.

  2. This list is fantastic and, as a champion list-maker, I ought to know. I click my pen in approval! :-)

    1. I probably inherited my list-making ability from you.

  3. 40 years. Me, too! We have some similar things on our list - like the grocery shopping. My husband helped me do the grocery shopping even before we were married, and I was living with my father, who raised me after my mother died. I appreciated that so much as he had a car, and we didn't (not uncommon in the NYC of the early 70's). Enjoyed your list. Alana

    1. For someone who seriously hates grocery shopping, that is a very much appreciated thing that he does. Congratulations on your 40 years.


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