Eating like a caveman

The Paleo diet is the latest fad for those who obsess about food. It has swept the nation and become wildly popular, and, truthfully, as a diet fad, it has a lot to recommend it. It focuses on eating only fresh, whole, and healthy foods, prepared from scratch. What can one criticize about that?

The diet, however, is likely based on a fiction. After all, the Paleo shopper wasn't able to head down to the local Whole Foods to select fresh foods. No, I suspect the Paleo diner ate pretty much whatever he or she could get his or her teeth into, whether or not it was fresh and whether or not it met strict dietary guidelines.

So what's next for the discerning fad dieter? What could be even more extreme and restrictive than the Paleo diet? How about the Plio diet, eating like our ancestors of the Pliocene Epoch? What could be tastier or healthier than a rotting fruit full of worms?

(Hat tip to Daily Kos)


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