Backyard Nature Wednesday: December reptiles and amphibians

We got a cold front, or at least a cool front, through last night that lowered our temperatures to somewhat more seasonal levels, but prior to that, the last few days have felt more like Indian Summer than Almost Winter. Daytime temperatures have been in the 70s F. and it didn't cool down a whole lot at night. So maybe it isn't surprising that some of my favorite backyard critters, the reptiles and amphibians, that had disappeared during our quite cool weather of a couple of weeks ago, put in an appearance once again as they came out to enjoy warmer temperatures.

It's not often that one sees little green treefrogs out enjoying the sun on a December day, but there he was. He lives in a bed where crinums grow and throughout the summer I would often see him sunning himself on one of their broad leaves. Nevertheless, I was just a bit surprised to see him there this week 

Then I went to sit on the glider on the patio and when I looked up from my seat, this is what I saw - another little green treefrog resting on the metal bar from which the glider swings. The canopy over the glider is above him and he had found a very warm spot just there underneath it. 

The green anoles - yes, that's what he is even though he appears brown at the moment - were out en force. This is my little patio buddy that I was used to encountering on and around the patio during the summer and fall.

At night, even the Mediterranean geckos have been out once again, patrolling the ceilings of my front and back entry porches. 
Except for brief intervals of cold, it has been an unusually warm December so far. I wonder if I'll have frogs, anoles, and geckos on Christmas Day this year?


  1. Wonderful. I wish I had a chance to get out and see what I have in my back yard at this time of year. Haven't seen anything recently.

    1. It's a busy time of year and sometimes hard to carve out even a few minutes for just taking the time to look around, but I hope you'll be able to do that soon. Who knows what you might see?


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