Thank God it's August!

The world of humans has had a rather hellacious month of July. With the people of the Middle East doing their best to kill each other off and wipe the planet clean of anyone who sees things differently from them; with Russia and its minions in the eastern part of Ukraine shooting down civilian airliners and then keeping away investigators and those who simply want to recover the human remains for two long weeks while those remains are exposed to the elements; with the haters in our own country converging on our southern border with assault rifles in hand in order to repel unarmed children who want nothing more than to turn themselves in to the Border Patrol and seek protection... All in all, it was a month, we would be happy to forget.

So, let's do that for a couple of minutes.

It's August, a new month with a clean slate. Let's start it off with a visit to the world of Simon's Cat. We haven't checked on that ever-hungry feline lately. I wonder what he's up to these days.

In a world full of changes, often for the worse, it's a comfort to know that Simon's Cat never changes. Indeed, that could be said of all cats. It's one thing in an uncertain world that we can depend upon.


  1. Yes, July was a bad month wasn't it? Let's hope that August is kinder. The weather certainly has been kinder these past two days, which is a good start. Off to watch Simon's Cat now :-)

    1. I think the world is due for a kind month. Whether we'll get it is the question.


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