Get to work, George!

It was announced this week that George R.R. Martin has co-edited an anthology called Dangerous Women. Moreover, he contributed a novella to the collection called The Princess and the Queen. It is set in Westeros in the time of the Song of Ice and Fire and is about the origins of the war between the Targaryens that split the society apart and led to the ongoing conflicts of House against House that we read about in the first five novels in the series.

All of which leads me to wonder just what a novella by Martin would look like. Would it be just 500 pages instead of 1000?

Further, it makes me wonder, WTF, George? What the heck are you doing working on a novella and co-editing a freaking anthology when you should be working on that next book? Don't you know we are dying out here?

We want to know if Jon is dead or alive. Will we finally find out who his mother (and maybe father because I still suspect it wasn't Ned) was? Has Daenerys Targaryen gotten her dragons under good enough control that she is ready to mount her invasion of Westeros to take back the Targaryen throne? And how will the people of Westeros greet her? Will they join her crusade or take up arms against her? What will Jaime do when faced with the heir of the mad king whom he was sworn to protect and whom he slew? What about the Starks? Whose side will they be on? And what about Tyrion and Ser Jorah Mormont? What role will they play?

These are the questions you should be answering, George, not which story should go where in some lame anthology! Come on! Quit procrastinating and get to work!


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