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I am beginning to be thoroughly pissed off by Mitt and Ann Romney and their rich friends. This latest debacle with the video secretly shot when Mitt thought he was among his own kind and could freely speak his mind is just one more example of people who are so divorced from the real world that the rest of us live in that you have to wonder just why the man would ever condescend to even want to be president of a people that he so thoroughly despises. Oh, I forgot - it's the power and the opportunity to make even more money for himself and his friends. That's all it's ever about with him. There is no bottom line except the bottom line.

The most appalling thing about this video is that it reveals that this is what he really believes! It's not just red meat for the base. He was speaking off the cuff and apparently from the heart so we have to assume that he really believes that 47% of the citizens of this country are worthless moochers.

Where does one even begin? Well, the statement has been thoroughly refuted elsewhere by people much more knowledgeable than I, so I won't even start except to say that, yes, I am probably one of that 47% who were never, ever going to vote for Romney no matter what he said, but I would have at least given him a respectful hearing. Now he's lost the chance even for that. He thinks he has contempt for those of us who receive anything that he categorizes as government assistance? Believe me, I'll see his contempt and raise him an outright disdain.

The irony is that when he talks about those recipients of government "entitlements," many of those people are his strongest supporters. The only demographics in the country that show Romney consistently leading in the polls are the elderly and the white men.

The elderly are the prime recipients of government largess through Social Security, Medicare, and Veterans' benefits, but I seriously doubt that any of them would consider themselves "moochers," having worked hard during their working lives or having laid their lives on the line for their country to secure those benefits.

As for the white men who support Romney, specifically the poor white men who are his strongest supporters among this group, they frequently pay no income taxes because of the Earned Income Tax Credit and, if they are unemployed, they are probably receiving Unemployment Benefits. Are they moochers because of this? No, most of them would prefer to be working and paying income taxes, but will they be offended enough by Romney's comments to refuse to vote for him? Probably not. His skin is the right shade and they really believe in their hearts that they can be just like him, given the chance.

Of course, another demographic supporting Romney is that comprised of millionaires and billionaires, but that is a small group.

And then there is Ann Romney. She's the one who is supposed to "humanize" her robotic spouse, the fact that she is just as condescending and snobbish and out of touch as he is notwithstanding. We are supposed to give her a pass because she has suffered. She had breast cancer. She had miscarriages. She has multiple sclerosis. Well, let me tell you who has suffered: The women who have miscarriages and cancer and debilitating diseases but still have to get up in the morning and go to work because their families are depending on them to put food on the table and a roof over their heads! Ann Romney can't see or empathize with "those people." She only sees and talks to the rich white ladies in her own social class, the ones who, like her, never worked a day in their lives. And she is Romney's ambassador to women! No wonder he's losing that demographic by double digits.

Let's not forget Romney's friends, people like Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers, and the private equity manager named Leder whose house Romney was at when he made his now infamous comments that were caught on video. But at this moment, I'm thinking more of Romney's foreign friends; specifically Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who evidently despises President Obama and is doing everything in his power to swing the American election to his friend Mitt. He is trying his best to drag Obama into another Middle East war, this time with Iran, because he badly wants to attack that country but apparently he doesn't dare do it without American backing. So far, President Obama isn't biting. We can only hope that he will keep his cool and keep telling Netanyahu "NO!" (And also, let us devoutly hope that once the election is over, Netanyahu will pay a steep political price for his interference.)

Meantime, thanks to our Supreme Court, we have no idea how much money Netanyahu and his friends are throwing into the Romney campaign. You can bet that the Israeli prime minister is doing his own bit of fund-raising for the Republican nominee that he clearly favors. He's probably hitting up all his rich friends to send money to help influence the election, in hopes that a President Romney would be more amenable to his war-mongering.

The election cannot be over soon enough for me, at which time I sincerely hope that Ann and Mitt Romney will retire to their seven houses - or however many it is - and their parties with their billionaire friends where they can say anything they want without being videotaped and where I will never have to hear of them again. Just leave the rest of us to get on with our piddling little lives in peace.


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