Daniel Schorr, newsman

Daniel Schorr has died at age 93. He had a long and eventful life and was active right up to the very end. According to his obituary, he died after an illness of a few days. That's certainly the way to do it if you can manage it.

Schorr worked for many news organizations during his long and storied career, most famously probably for CBS where he was one of Ed Murrow's boys. But for the last quarter century of his life, he worked for NPR as a commentator. I looked forward to hearing his take on the week's news on the Saturday morning Weekend Edition show.

As a newsman, Schorr was famous for his integrity and for standing up for his principles. That integrity earned him a place on President Nixon's "enemies list" back in the 1970s. He said that being on that list was one of the things he was proudest of, even prouder than he was of the Emmys that he received.

Daniel Schorr was an old-time newsman, one who took the role of the journalist in society seriously and did his best to play his part of educating the public about current events. There aren't many like him left. In fact, there may be none like him left, and we are the poorer for it.


  1. I will miss hearing his wonderful voice and wise words on Saturday morning.

  2. Me, too, Snap. He had the breadth of experience and the length of life to take the long view of things. That is an invaluable perspective that is missing from much of journalism today.


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