Why do Republicans hate America?

They want to abrogate the Constitution in regard to the right to be advised that one does not have to incriminate oneself when questioned by authorities, but can instead remain silent.

They do not believe that people accused of crimes should be advised that they have the right to counsel.

They believe that one's citizenship should be taken away if one ASSOCIATES with the wrong people - not that one has been accused of a crime or has been convicted of a crime, but simply that one has associated with someone that the government doesn't approve of.

They have a low opinion of our police departments and of the FBI, believing them incompetent to protect us against domestic terror threats, even though those agencies have been remarkably successful in interdicting such threats again and again. And again just this last week.

Oh, but God forbid that someone who is suspected of the potential for terrorism and is on a "no fly" list should have their right to purchase an AK-47 taken away! The right to have a gun overrules everything including the right of the public to be safe in their homes and in public places.

And so I ask, why do Republicans hate America and its Constitution, apparently every part of it except that bit about the right to bear arms? Why are they so dead set on turning us into a fascist state?


  1. I think it is because they are stupid. Every republican I know is stupid.

    For example, at work, when I mention the issue of euthanasia around republicans, they say--okay here we go; why should I care about some kids in a foreign country?


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