Election Day

It was primary day in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, and Oregon, and an interesting one it was, too.

At this hour, it has been determined that the tea party candidate, Rand Paul, has won the Republican primary for senator of Kentucky. The Democratic race for that office has been much closer with two strong candidates, the current Attorney General and Lt. Governor of the state. At present the Attorney General has a slim lead. Interestingly, both the Attorney General and the Lt. Governor have received more votes than Rand Paul did! I wonder if the mainstream media will mention that. I would guess not.

In Pennsylvania, Arlen Specter found that switching parties was not the golden ticket to continued incumbency that he had thought. Rep. Joe Sestak beat him rather decisively. It will be a tough battle for Sestak in the general election, but he might just pull it off. He's a pretty tough campaigner.

The really interesting race in Pennsylvania was the special election for the seat of Rep. John Murtha who died earlier this year, and, upsetting all the conventional wisdom, the Democrat won! This was the only district in the country that went for Kerry in the presidential election in 2004 and then voted for McCain in 2008, but it is a very conservative district and the Democrat who won there today will be another Blue Dog in Congress. Still, he'll have a D after his name and I do love that he overturned the projections of the pundits by winning.

In Arkansas, it looks like the real Democrat, Bill Halter, has forced a runoff with the faux Democrat, Blanche Lincoln. This should be good!

As for Oregon, well, it's still early there, but there is little in doubt anyway.

All in all, it hasn't been a good day for conventional wisdom. So, I wonder what else the CW pundits will get wrong this election year?


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