Oil? What oil?

So, Brit Hume of Fox News can't see the Gulf oil spill from his window in Washington or New York or wherever it is that he is based and so it must be no big deal.

On Fox News Sunday he said:

There's a good question today if you are standing on the Gulf, and that is: Where is the oil?...It's not on -- except for little of chunks of it, you're not even seeing it on the shore yet.... But you know where the greatest source of oil that seeps into the ocean is? It's from natural seepage from subterreanean deposits. That's where most of it comes from, not from drilling accidents....The ocean absorbs a lot, Juan, an awful lot. The ocean absorbs a lot.

I guess Hume hasn't seen the satellite pictures taken from space of the the oil slicks spreading out over thousands of acres of the ocean. He probably also hasn't seen the pictures of the dead animals washing up on beaches along the Gulf now. But even if he has, why should he pay attention to them? He works for Fox News which means that he gets to make up his own "facts" and report them as news. Thus, BP and their partners in crime can destroy the ecology of the Gulf of Mexico but they can depend on Hume and Fox News to have their back. It's a kneejerk reaction really. Fox executives don't even have to think about it. If the liberals and tree-huggers say it is a bad thing, then, by God, it must be a good thing and they will defend it to their last breath.

Has Fox even sent a reporter to the Gulf region to take a look around? Since I don't watch them, I can't answer that, but I think they should. And I have a candidate to recommend for the job. How about Brit Hume? Send him and his family on an expense accounted trip there and take pictures of them frolicking in the Gulf. It might even benefit the local economy by increasing tourism. After all, it's just a little oil. The ocean will absorb it. No big deal.

And those dead animals washing up on shore? They're probably just faking it.


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