The hypocritic oath

So, have you heard about the urologist in Florida who is refusing to treat anyone who voted for Barack Obama? He posted a notice on his office door which reads:

If you voted for Obama...
seek urologic care elsewhere.
Changes to your health care begin right now,
not in four years.

Moreover, he has stocked his office waiting room with anti-Obama and anti-health care reform pamphlets. I'm not sure what section of the Hippocratic Oath admonishes fledgling doctors to screen their prospective patients for their political beliefs or to seek to impose their own political beliefs on their patients by plastering their offices with political pamphlets. I've just reread the oath and I didn't see anything about this in it, but perhaps I'm just too naive to correctly interpret the ancient oath.

Remember last summer amid all the tea party screaming about health care reform when some of the crazies were complaining that, under this reform, health care would be rationed and that Republicans could be refused treatment because they are Republicans? Apparently, this bozo in Florida decided to implement that policy - only in reverse. Mr. Cassell - I won't call him Dr. because he doesn't deserve the title - has decided that people who disagree with him politically are not worthy of receiving medical attention. Let them suffer and die early and, eventually, there will be no one left except people who agree with him, or who pretend to agree with him in order to receive medical treatment.

Obviously, Cassell misunderstood the oath he was taking upon entering his profession. He thought he was taking the Hypocritic Oath.

God help those who fall under his tender care.


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