Could it actually happen here?

It begins to look as though financial regulation reform may actually happen. The President is foursquare for it and so, for the most part, are the Democrats in the Senate and the House.

And now it seems that even some Republicans may be coming around to the idea that controlling Wall Street and standing up for Main Street instead of vice versa may not be such a bad idea! Will wonders never cease? Could it actually happen here? This year? This ELECTION year?

Wow. Maybe President Obama really is an alien after all. He really must be Superman if he can get a strong financial regulation bill passed with at least token bipartisan support in this rancid political environment.

So, let's get it done and get on to the next fight. There is so much more to do and Superman will certainly be tested to the limit. The Republicans will be searching all the while for a piece of Krytonite.


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