An angry Catholic woman

Maureen Dowd can be a real screech, particularly when writing about the Clintons. For some reason, she seems to truly despise both Bill and Hillary Clinton. During the Democratic presidential primaries in 2008, she was merciless and, in my opinion, downright misogynistic and completely unbalanced in her coverage of the the Clinton campaign.

Now, admittedly, I might be somewhat prejudiced because I was a supporter of Hillary Clinton's campaign. I thought she was the best qualified candidate for the job, and she was a woman, and I dearly wanted to see a woman become president in my lifetime. As far as Maureen was concerned though, if her name was Clinton, that disqualified her from consideration. She is totally unhinged on the subject. I finally just stopped reading any of her columns that mentioned either of the Clintons because I knew what her opinion would be. It was preformed and cast in concrete. It was not going to change.

These days, though, Maureen has become a screech on another subject and this time I find myself on her side, cheering her on.

Dowd is apparently a devout Catholic. She frequently mentions this, so I take it to be true. And she is totally appalled at the behavior of the clergy, including the pope, in her church and their complete lack of understanding of the enormity of the Church's crimes against children. All of her columns recently have addressed this subject. This Sunday's column is no exception.

Again, she points out that the hierarchy of the Church, which is totally male and unmarried and uninvolved in family life, devalues children and considers them "collateral damage" in the sex scandals racking their institution. The Church as it exists today is far away from Jesus's vision of family and his valuing of women in society. The Church today places no value on women and their contributions to society. They, like their children, are simply collateral damage. Collateral, subordinate, and subservient to the really valuable human beings - who are all male.

Dowd has already received criticism from the Catholic Church because of her stance. If she continues her criticism, I suspect she will receive some discipline as well. How dare she, a mere woman, criticize "infallible" males? Who does she think she is anyway? The Popess?


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