I apologize

So on the one hand, we have Pat Robertson blaming the earthquake in Haiti on the people of Haiti. He says it's all because, back in the 18th century when they rebelled and fought for their freedom from France, they made a "pact to the devil" and so they have been cursed ever since. Perhaps he thinks that the American colonies that rebelled and fought for their freedom from England at the same time also made a "pact to the devil." Well, I defer to Robertson on his knowledge of the devil. I suspect he has a much more intimate relationship with him than I do. In the future, he may get to know him even better.

On the other hand, we have Rush Limbaugh excoriating President Obama for reacting to this overwhelming human catastrophe within 24 hours, whereas it took him THREE WHOLE DAYS to react to the incompetent underpants bomber! The fact that no one died in the underpants bomber's failed attempt and that thousands have already died in Haiti and many more will die, particularly if the rest of the world fails to react quickly to send aid, seems lost on Limbaugh. He thinks President Obama is just promising help to Haiti to "boost his credibility with the black community," both "light skinned" and "dark skinned."

You know, there are some people who just make you want to apologize for being a member of the same race as they. That would be the human race, Rush.


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