The obligatory year-end list

Here we are at the last day of the year and everybody is making a list to sum up the year that is quickly fading into history. Herewith, then, is my list - ten things that I would love to forget about 2009. They are in no particular order. Each is just as objectionable as the other.

1. The "Tea Partiers." These people couldn't even decide what they were against, but I strongly suspect what they were really against was having an African-American president. They were just a mindless herd being stirred up to stampede by the ranters on talk radio and Fox News.

2. Sarah Palin and her whole damn family - in-laws, outlaws, and hangers-on. When will these people fade into the anonymity that they so richly deserve?

3. The Houston Astros' season of ineptitude. Where have you gone, Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio?

4. Birthers. These, of course, fit right in with #1. They are a subsection really. Their real problem, too, is race.

5. Joe Lieberman's whiney voice. Will this man never shut up? The answer is no because he is a complete narcissist who is in love with the sound of his own voice.

6. Glenn Beck and his conspiracy theories and his crocodile tears. Give me a break!

7. The esteemed governor of South Carolina and his exploration of the "Appalachian Trail."

8. As an ancillary to #7, "The Family," the fundamentalist religious group which supported and hid Sanford's sins, as well as Ensign, Pickering, and who knows how many others. This group seems to have its own little shadow government going on in Washington. Shadow being the operative word.

9. Carrie Prejean and her fake breasts and her fake opinions.

10. Chicken hawk politicians who never had the courage to serve in their country's military and who are largely to blame for the country's national security problems who lecture the current administration about how to deal with terrorism. Or anything else for that matter.

One can hope that this fresh new year coming up will not be burdened by the antics of these people and others like them, but I fear it is a forlorn hope. They will continue to irritate and outrage us even as they did this year. When next December 31 comes, they'll probably make my list again.


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