The dodgy emails

So, the Associated Press has done an exhaustive analysis of the emails regarding climate change research and data that were stolen from Britain's University of East Anglia, and they have concluded that what the emails show is that scientists can be just as petty and childish as ordinary people. What they most definitely do NOT show is that there is any reason to doubt that global climate change is taking place and that human activities are contributing mightily to it.

Analysis by the Associated Press will, of course, not convince the deniers. Consider, after all, that some of them are the same people who do not accept evolution. Heck, some of them probably don't even accept gravity.

The scientists who tried to "nudge" the data in order to present it in an even more positive light and those who discouraged any contributions from scientists who questioned the overwhelming scientific view of climate change did their discipline a disservice and they really should be ashamed of themselves. By their actions, they have only served to embolden their critics and make them even more unlikely to listen to any reasoned argument.

But the truth is the data exist. They stand on their own. They do not require propping up.

And, by the way, just who did steal those emails and to what end? I wonder if any hackers out there are interested in stealing the emails that fly back and forth between some of the prominent deniers of global warming. Those might make for some interesting reading and offer insight into the methodology and research of these people.


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