Poetry Sunday: February Days by Ellwood Roberts

Not many "northern blasts" have reached us here in the deep South this winter, but we are predicted to have some more winter-like weather next week. We shall see what the "February days" bring us, but this we know for sure: "The Spring-time days will soon be here."
February Days

by Ellwood Roberts

The icy northern blast sweeps by,
From wild wastes of the Arctic snow;
Above us droops a wintry sky,
A bleak white landscape lies below.
But, 'neath the chilly Polar blast,
A low, sweet undertone I hear:
"The wintry storms will soon be past,
And pleasant Spring-time days are near."

In Winter's stern and icy grasp,
Are river, pond, and rill, to-day;
Like iron bonds his fetters' clasp,
Like despot's rule his frosty sway.
But only yesterday I heard—
Though all the landscape was so drear—
The sweet voice of a lonesome bird:
"The Spring-time days will soon be here."

The air is icy, keen and chill,
All Nature lies in sleep profound,
That seems like death—so cold, so still—
But flowers are biding underground.
The sun mounts up, from day to day,
His beams each morn more full of cheer.
And to our hearts they seem to say:
"The Spring-time days will soon be here."

The ice and snow will soon be gone,
The Spring-time waits the sun's warm rays,
Already we can trace the dawn
Of brighter, warmer, sweeter days.
Each morn we watch for signs of Spring,
Each evening feel its coming near.
All Nature's voices seem to sing:
"The Spring-time days will soon be here."

And though an Arctic wind sweeps by
From wildest wastes of ice and snow,
And though above us wintry sky,
And desolate white fields below—
Beneath the wind's wild organ-blast,
A low, sweet undertone I hear:
"The wintry storms will soon be past,
The sunny Spring-time days are near."


  1. Wonderfully evocative of the way that winter used to be. Now it’s more like a wet dishrag.

  2. Yes, as David said, winters aren't what they used to be here. We had a taste of spring several days ago - now, Monday night, we are supposed to get 8 to 12 inches of snow. But, in the next two weeks, I know I'll be hearing the first of our blackbirds - maybe they are even on the way now.

    1. We are allegedly going to get one last blast of cold weather this week. We'll see...

  3. That is a very lovely poem. Thanks for sharing it

  4. A lovely poem!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful week!

  5. We've had a few cold days, but overall our winter has been pretty mild. And I don't mind the warmer temps and sunshine at all. Lovely poem. :D

  6. We are expecting another winter blast soon here, but maybe after that winter will be over.

    1. The pots from the patio will stay in the garage - at least for a few more days.

    2. Well, that was weird - not sure why my comment showed up as "anonymous."

  7. I like that refrain about the "spring time days will soon be here." Yay.


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