Poetry Sunday: In Autumn by Bliss Carman

Where I presently live, autumn is not much different from summer. In fact, summer often lingers here into November or even December. But I haven't always lived here and I do remember autumns when I was growing up that were very like the ones that Bliss Carman describes in this poem. 

In Autumn

by Bliss Carman

Now come the rosy dogwoods,
The golden tulip-tree,
And the scarlet yellow maple,
To make a day for me.

The ash-trees on the ridges,
The alders in the swamp,
Put on their red and purple
To join the autumn pomp.

The woodbine hangs her crimson
Along the pasture wall,
And all the bannered sumacs
Have heard the frosty call.

Who then so dead to valor
As not to raise a cheer,
When all the woods are marching
In triumph of the year?


  1. Absolutely lovely! I've never experienced a real fall because I've lived all my life along the Texas Gulf Coast, but I do enjoy reading about the beauty of that season.

    1. When I lived in places that had autumns, it was always my favorite season. The respite after a hot summer.

  2. The poem captures our autumn so well except for one sad detail. Our area ash trees are dying from a blight (New York State).

    1. It is so sad that the ash trees are being affected. We badly need a solution to that problem.

  3. What a pretty poem. Our yellow leaves are down now. And we await our first snow today.

    1. First snow - wow! Our high today is predicted to be 87.

  4. We have a mountain ash tree that turns the prettiest gold and deep red color every autumn; it's one of my favorite things. Lovely poem. :D

    1. We were visiting in the mountains of Colorado in autumn a few years ago just when the trees started to turn color. It was glorious!


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