Poetry Sunday: August by Ed Blair

Late August here in Southeast Texas is something to be endured rather than enjoyed. We are in a series of days with triple-digit degree Fahrenheit weather and we can't look for much relief until the calendar leaf turns over. Rain would be most welcome but does not appear to be in the offing anytime soon. When we go outside, we head for the shade of one of those oak trees that we were smart enough to plant when we moved here many years ago. They tower over the yard now and provide protection from the blasting rays of the sun. But all the vegetation is suffering from our long dry spell. September is coming and let us hope it brings rain but, in the meantime, August burns us.


by Ed Blair

The August sun is pouring on the land,
His scorching rays, and vegetation stands
Beseeching to the skies for showers again
And being answered like the prayers of men.

Along the creeks the white rocks heat and glow,
As it some one had built great fires below,
And cattle stand in stagnant pools to fight
The pestering flies that trouble day and night.

In vain we look for those refreshing showers
That come so oft in Spring at call of flowers,
But clouds come to our view, then pass away,
And leave us in despair at close of day.


  1. “But clouds come to our view, and pass away, And leave us in despair at close of day.” This pretty much says it all as great swaths of northern Canada burn to the ground, and towns and cities are threatened with total destruction.

    1. I think much of the continent now is in need of rain and let us hope that it comes soon before the wildfires, as you say, bring "total destruction." Until then, we despair.

  2. Nice idea to have a Poetry Sunday post. The weather has eased a bit and we have cooler temps, bearable and rather nice, these past few days. I hope it lasts. Stay cool!

    1. The only way to stay cool these days is to remain indoors under the air conditioners. Those cooler, bearable temps haven't reach us yet.


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