Poetry Sunday: Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon rising.
In the lexicon of Native Americans, the full moon in January is known as the Wolf Moon. It is a time of hunger, when food is scarce and the wolves howl plaintively. Chris Lane caught the spirit of the Wolf Moon and gave it voice in his poem. 

Wolf Moon

by Chris Lane

Though no longer amongst us
Their tradition and spirit lingers on
Like the names associated with 
Each month's new full moon 

A reoccurring theme in the cycle 
When months are measured by moons returning
A practice common among indigenous peoples

In the month of January
A great moon rises slowly 
And at night the Wolf pack howl out plaintively
For food is scarce and the wolves are hungry

To the First Peoples - The Wolf is brother 
And only a brother can feel the pain of his brother's hunger
That is why the Native Peoples name January “Wolf Moon” in their brother's honor

Now to a museum, all too soon -The Tipi (tepee, teepee) has gone
Whilst within a reservation the Wolf Pack are free to roam

As for their spirit - It is running free 
And cannot be captured, best to let it be

Your Brother, The Wolf never was your enemy


  1. Nice to have a name for the full moon I am looking at this month.

    1. There's a name for every month's full moon. You can read about it here: http://www.almanac.com/content/full-moon-names

  2. Enjoyable post thank you for sharing

  3. It seems more a story than a poem.

    1. Indeed. It's certainly based on Native American tales and does have elements of straightforward story-telling.


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