It's Friday: Here are some kittens, puppies, and babies for you

What a week. 

The execrable Palin family is crowding into our consciousness once again, with the matriarch leading the way with her word-salad endorsement of Donald Trump for president and her blaming President Obama for her son's drunken domestic violence. Personal responsibility, anyone?

The presidential campaigns are heating up which means that the nonsense meter is rising higher. The National Review has belatedly decided that maybe it has been a mistake for conservatives to clutch the viper Trump to its bosom. Trump supporters have responded as Trump supporters do.

On the other side of politics, some liberal voices like Ta-Nehisi Coates and Paul Krugman have had the temerity to criticize some of the pronouncements and policies of Saint Bernie, generating frothing at the mouth and some truly unhinged attacks by his supporters who believe that the man can do and say no wrong. 

Enough! Let's take a break from all that. Here's an emotional and intellectual palate cleanser for you. Kittens, puppies, and babies - what could be a better start to a happy weekend?


  1. Just what I needed! Happy Weekend to you.

    1. We all need more kittens, puppies, and babies in our lives.

  2. Enjoyed this thank you for sharing this treat

  3. Replies
    1. A magic elixir to heal what irritates and disgusts us.

  4. We all need a cute break. Thank you, and happy weekend!


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