"Someone told me it's all happening at the zoo..."

And I do believe it is true, so my family and I took a walk through the Houston Zoo, along with several thousand other people. Here's some of what we saw, but there is so much more. ( Note: Several of the pictures were necessarily taken through the wire enclosing the animal habitats.)


Ankole cattle. Those horns put our longhorns to shame!

Apes watching apes.

One of several chimpanzees in the exhibit.


You gotta love that face!

Silverback gorilla.

Victoria Crowned Pigeons.



Giraffe family with zebra visitor.

Mother and child reunion at one of the giraffe poles.

Reaching for a snack.

Part zebra, part giraffe??? No, all okapi.

Scarlet Ibis

Marabou Stork at rest on his knees - or elbows depending on how you look at it.

Nap time for the black bear. It was nap time for a lot of the animals when we were there.

Asian elephant.

Elephant family.

And one more elephant.

Cheetahs at rest.

A South American Troupial, close relative of the orioles with which we are so familiar.


Jaguar - just chillin' in the manner of all cats. 

Malayan tiger, resting but alert.

African lioness.

Red-crowned Crane, a stately bird.


  1. It was a wonderful day! I'm glad we got to go!

    1. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was happy to get my"steps" done!

  2. It seems that it was a great visit judging by the pictures...And that Silverback gorilla means business. :-)

  3. As you know, I adore the Houston Zoo. With the weather cooling, I'll be enjoying it more. Fun!!!!!!

    1. It's a wonderful place for watching the animals and for watching the people who watch the animals who are sometimes even more interesting than the exhibits.


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