A new visitor to the backyard

The autumn retreat of the wood warblers through my yard continues, much to my delight. The latest one to pass through - at least the latest one that stopped to introduce itself - was this lovely little bird.

At first glance, I thought I was seeing a Townsend's Warbler, which I've had passing through the yard before. But then I noticed something different about the bird and when I uploaded my pictures and looked at them it was even more obvious.

Can you see that faint yellow wash across the vent area? That is diagnostic of the Black-throated Green Warbler, a bird that is very similar to the Townsend's. The Black-throated Green is actually the more common of the two, but I had never seen one in the yard before. No doubt they had been here, as I am sure have many other birds that I haven't observed, but this was the species' first "official" visit. It was number 111 on my yard list.

Like all the warblers I have seen in my yard recently, this one was attracted by my little fountain.

It hopped down from the redbud tree where it was perched and took a good luck at the water before plunging in.

It had a nice long wash-up in the gurgling water.

Then back to the redbud tree.

And soon he was ready to be on his way south again...

...leaving one happy birder behind - looking for my next colorful visitor.


  1. What a lovely bird and great photos! The best part of all is that you were out enjoying your garden ad so were able to share the beauty of nature with us all. Thank you, Dorothy!

    1. Birding, for me at least, always seems to be ruled by serendipity. The best birds I've ever seen have been total "accidents".

  2. How lovely. I've never seen one.

    1. It is a beautiful little bird and certainly was an ornament for my backyard during the time of its visit.

  3. What a beauty! And so clever of you to get pics. Cheers from Carole's Chatter!

    1. I was lucky to have my camera in hand when it visited. Often, I am not that lucky.


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