Maybe I could move to Canada

I was listening to the Diane Rehm Show on NPR this morning and her panel of guests - a bunch of political pundits - were going on and on about how the presidential election would be decided by 15 "battleground" states because all the other 35 are already in the bag for one of the two major parties. All of a sudden I just wanted to scream or pull my hair out or maybe both - just do something dramatic! I thought, "Oh. My. God! I cannot stand this for another six months!!!"

Wherever one turns these days, it is all presidential politics all the time and most of what we hear is just dreck. And it's only May! The conventions haven't convened yet. The real campaign hasn't even really started, but already I am totally disgusted with the process. The cynicism, the lying, the posturing - it's all just too much for me. Time to tune out. Thank God for baseball.

At least I will have the distraction of the most perfect game ever invented through September and even into October if I can manage to get interested in the playoffs and the World Series.

It's not really the championship series that interest me though. It's the regular season, the day-to-dayness of it; knowing that, if my team loses today, there's always another game tomorrow.

Actually, my team, the Astros, has played above expectations so far. They've been "in" almost every game, playing hard all the way. The players are mostly so young that they don't realize they are supposed to lose. And so, much of the time, they don't. I think the honesty and passion of their play will be able to keep my mind off the falsity of politics for most of the summer.

And then, well, maybe I could move to Canada. I guess they have politics there, too, but maybe is isn't as incendiary and as phony as it is here.


  1. Go Astros (so much fun to watch them) and ptuiii on the election. I"M SO TIRED! I have nothing good to say about it. ..... ...... .......!!!!!

    1. Baseball will be our salvation, Snap. (Didn't James Earl Jones say something like that in "Field of Dreams"?)


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