The debate that wasn't

So now Donald Trump has pulled out of his own debate! The Donald announced to his slavering public today that he would not, after all, be moderating a debate between Republican candidates for president later this month. The reason he gave was that he wants to keep his options open should he decide (in his infinite wisdom) that the eventual nominee of the Republican Party doesn't have the right stuff. If that is the case, the Donald wants to be able to jump in and run as an independent in order to save the country.

The only Republicans who had consented to show up for Donald's debate were Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, but I'm sure that the lack of enthusiasm among the other candidates for appearing on the same stage with Donald Trump's hairpiece and ego had nothing to do with Trump's decision to call the whole thing off. No, Trump is motivated strictly by his deep patriotism and desire to be of service to his fellow Americans. What a guy!


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