A Palin/Perry ticket, perhaps?

The mass exodus of Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign staff has led to interesting speculation that Texas' Gov. Goodhair might yet be going to enter the contest. The speculation is based on the fact that several of the staff members who quit have close ties to Rick Perry, the secessionist-minded governor, and the assumption is, I guess, that they have quit in order to go to work for Perry in his campaign. Personally, I can think of many good reasons for quitting the Gingrich campaign that have nothing to do with Perry, but that's just me.

My cynical husband has long been pulling for a Republican presidential/vice-presidential ticket of Palin/Perry just because he thinks it would have such great entertainment value, and, incidentally would go a long way towards guaranteeing a Democratic victory. If the Republicans even consider such a move, I think they should require their candidates to take and pass an eighth grade civics test before they can be nominated. That would present a problem though because I don't think either Palin or Perry could pass such a test.

Someone has said (I don't remember who or I would give him/her credit) that Rick Perry is the candidate for the voter who thinks George W. Bush was just way too intellectual. I think that sums Perry up pretty well. Come to think of it, it could apply just as well to Palin.

Maybe Palin/Perry would be a dream ticket. For sure, they would be well-matched.


  1. Palin / Perry ticket is my dream team!!! Can you imagine the laughs from SNL and The Daily Show!!! Yes,I believe my humor meter would explode!! But hopefully it would also remove Perry as Governor!!! It's win win!!

  2. Removing Perry would certainly be a win for Texas, Anonymous. When I think of the damage that man has done during his time in office - it just boggles the mind. And yet people keep electing him!


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