From a lion to a crab

So that's what's been wrong. I've been reading the wrong horoscope!

Did you see the story about how the zodiac has changed over time? It seems that the twelve signs of the zodiac that we are all familiar with - Capricorn through Sagittarius - were established by astrologers some 3,000 years ago when astrology first began. But since that time, the earth has changed its position in relation to the sun and so the aspects which give the signs their names appear at slightly different times of the year. Astronomers now say that in addition to those twelve familiar signs, because of the earth's movements, there is now a thirteenth sign: Ophiuchus. (Don't ask me how you pronounce that.)

The consequence of this changing zodiac is that many of us who thought we were Leo the Lion now find that we are Cancer the Crab! It's been quite a shock to me, I can tell you. You wake up one day thinking you are a lion and by the end of the day you've been reduced to a crab. My birthday, you see, is August 9, and that is just enough to have caused my downgrading in the bestiary of zodiac signs. Here are the new dates for the various signs:

Capricorn: January 20 - February 16
Aquarius: February 16 - March 11
Pisces: March 11 - April 18
Aries: April 18 - May 13
Taurus: May 13 - June 21
Gemini: June 21 - July 20
Cancer: July 20 - August 10
Leo: August 10 - September 16
Virgo: September 16 - October 30
Libra: October 30 - November 23
Scorpio: November 23 - November 29
Ophiuchus: November 29 - December 17
Sagittarius: December 17 - January 20

If these dates are correct, then practically every member of my family turns out to be someone other than who we thought they were. But the first question that comes to mind is, what about a person born on August 10, for example? Are they a lion or a crab? Another question might be why does Scorpio get short-changed with only one week?

Well, these are weighty questions and I think we need more clarification from the astronomers before we agree to a helter-skelter, fruit-basket-turn-over changing of our zodiac signs. Until that clarification is forthcoming, I think I'll just remain a lion.


  1. I'm one of those Ophiuchus people. My sources say that it is pronounced off-ih-YOU-cuss. I'm sure you already know that and are just trying to make the rest of us feel good. We "O people" wear plaid and interpret dreams. As for being a serpent handler, no way. My grandchild says I should ignore the signs of the Zodiac, and I've decided she may be right!

  2. You have a very wise grandchild, Anonymous.

  3. July 31. I have gone from a lion to a crab. I am not taking this lying down! Clear it with the man upstairs! I am a self-proclaimed Leo! I will never be a crab! I was born king of the jungle and I will die king of the jungle!


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