...to the president for fulfilling his oath and standing up for the Constitution and for religious liberty by defending the right of Muslims to build their community center and mosque on private property in New York. He could have remained silent. There is certainly no political advantage to his speaking out on this issue because he will be relentlessly excoriated by the demagoguers for his stand. Of course, he is already relentlessly excoriated by them and accused of being everything from an alien to a secret Muslim so really that will be nothing new. Nevertheless, in spite of the potential political cost, he chose to take a stand on the side of the Constitution and morality and common human decency and it is very refreshing to see my president on that side. So, I say "Kudos, Mr. President, and thank you for doing what is right."


  1. I've been fascinated by the coverage this is getting. While I think it was very insensitive (is that a word?) of the Muslims to build their community center on this spot, I also think that Americans should put up or shut up. We are supposed to be a country that believes in religious freedom for ALL ... not just Christian conservatives. So what is it???!!!!! For ALL or just the *chosen* few????

  2. For a considerable number of our countrymen, I'm afraid it's just the chosen few, Snap, which is why those of us who do believe in the constitutional protections need to speak out.


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