Another list and this time we're on it!

The editors of are out with a list of the most underrated cities in the country, and whaddaya know? We're on it!

Houston might not be thought of as a prime travel destination except for people in the oil business, but, in fact, as the editors point out, there is a lot here to attract a great diversity of people.

"Houston is proof that everything is indeed bigger in Texas. While better known for its big business and energy interests, this sprawling city also hosts top-notch orchestra, opera, and ballet companies, a dynamic theater scene, great museums, and the world-renowned NASA Space Center. Shopping reigns supreme here--you'll find a huge concentration of shops and above-par outlet malls--and its cosmopolitan restaurant scene expands upon the state's traditional Tex-Mex offerings."

In addition to all that, I might add that it has wonderful parks and several National Wildlife Refuges within easy driving distance for birders and other nature-lovers. For those who follow sports, there are interesting teams and top-class venues for their games. Minute Maid Park, the Astros' home, must be one of the most beautiful ball parks in the country.

But what the editors said about the cultural scene in Houston is very true and probably not widely known in the rest of the country. The quality and diversity of the museum district is unparalleled and the performing arts are well-represented in all their aspects.

Some of the other cities on the list like Little Rock, Pittsburg, Baltimore, Albuquerque, and Minneapolis also have much to recommend them. I was in Little Rock a couple of years ago and it is a beautiful city. The Clinton Presidential Library alone is plenty of reason to go there.

So if you are inclined to plan a visit to a great American city, just remember that there are more out there than New York, San Francisco, or Chicago. Why not visit the fourth largest city, Houston? You might find you like it. (As long as you don't come in summer. Or if you do come in summer, just plan on staying inside where it's cool.)


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