Poetry Sunday: June by John Updike

Best known as a novelist and essayist, John Updike also wrote poems, like this simple ode to June and summer which perfectly describes my own childhood summers.


by John Updike

The sun is rich
And gladly pays
In golden hours,
Silver days,

And long green weeks
That never end.
School’s out.
The time is ours to spend.

There’s Little League,
Hopscotch, the creek,
And, after supper,

The live-long light
Is like a dream,
and freckles come
Like flies to cream.


  1. What a perfect encapsulation of a childhood summer.

  2. Enjoyable poem of summers past. Recently with the super warm temps in so many states, summer has become a mini nightmare.

  3. I love this poem! It does sum up summer beautifully. I remember playing hopskotch and after dinner hide-and-seek. Such fun memories. :D

  4. Brings me back to childhood and days playing potsy (a game similar to hopscotch that was popular in New York City youth), games involving balls, and other delights.

  5. The short lines, the simple vocabulary---these are perfect for a poem about the charms of summer children experience.


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